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Looking for second mortgage, home equity, re-financing, personal and cash loans?  If you own a property in your name, we can get you money quickly, legally and without any hassle.  We specialize in financial real estate needs from second mortgages, home equity, refinancing, to personal and cash loans. 

If you own a property (house, condo, shop etc.), its first mortgage payment is up-to-date, property taxes must be paid in full and have fire and home insurance where applicable, we can help you. These conditions are a must to be met in order to get money quickly without a credit check and job verification.

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If you need money, we can help you get it within minutes, subject to a few conditions. If you own a commercial or residential property in your name, its property taxes paid up, mortgage payments up-to-date, give us a call. We can get you money sooner that you think. call 416-746-9494
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