Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get the money?
In most cases you will get the money same day. If you meet all conditions and provide your paperwork before noon, we can get you the money on the same day. If your paperwork arrives later in the afternoon and/or something is incomplete, your payment may get delayed.

Do I have to fill an application?
Not at all.

I have a bad credit. Can I still get the money?
Your credit rating being good or bad is irrelevant. We don't even check your credit record, we don't need it.

My property is owned by me and my wife. Can I get the money without telling her about this service?
No, anybody who has a share on the property must sign the papers. Therefore, they have to know about it.

How much money can I get?
Depending upon the value of the property, you can get upto 80% loan to value.

What is your fee?
We charge based on the amount you are asking and complexity of your property. But rest assured, we disclose any fee (lawyer, home inspection etc.) upfront so that there are no surprises later.

When do I have to pay the money back?
You can setup your own schedule, and we will work with you on that. This is discussed case by case, and is based on your specific situation.

Can I have a confidential meeting to discuss my case?
You are always welcome. Call our office to make an appointment. However we can answer all of your questions over the phone.

If you a question that is not answered here, we welcome you to call us, we will be pleased to answer

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